Ed and Peggy Santos have purchased Holsters Plus and it's now Holsters Plus LLC.  We have moved the manufacturing facility to Post Falls, ID and are up and running again.  Our phone number and Fax numbers have changed...new numbers are ph 208-777-7587 and Fax 208-773-8304.  The Website cannot accept credit cards at this time, so please call or Fax or email your orders and we'll get back to you for your payment information.  Thank you for your loyalty and your patience.  Be Safe...

Holsters Plus manufacturers quality KYDEX® holsters for Glock, Heckler & Koch, and Sig Sauer Pistols. Our holsters are designed and constructed for today's modern firearms, fulfilling the requirements for comfort, concealment and rapid deployment. 


If you have ordered a leather holster from Amazon.com from a company called "Holsters Plus"  they are misrepresenting themselves as us.  We DO NOT make leather holsters.  This company is called Houston Holsters Plus and they do not sell what they represent.  If you've been duped by them, please contact Amazon.com with your complaint.